Biju N. Sudarsan B.E., M.B.A (Education).

Chairman, Vikaasa School

Chairman, Vikaasa Public School

Chairman, Vikaasa World School

Chairman, Vikaasa Progressive School

Qualification: B.E.(Hons) Electrical & Electronics Engineering from B.I.T.S., Pilani.

M.B.A(Education) from Alagappa University

Was working for over 12 years in the software field as an Engineer & Manager in various software companies in India and USA.

His international experience in the corporate world and in the world of entrepreneurship through his ventures in business exposed to him the need for preparing today’s children better by acquiring necessary skills for success. His final impetus to venture into school education came when he wanted to admit his own son to school. He decided to put his experience and exposure to good use at the school education level through Vikaasa. He has taken active interest in training & development of School and College students. Has conducted several training programs in schools and through Rotary International.

He believes that schools are no longer meant to only impart knowledge but to create an environment where learning skills & living skills are imbibed. He firmly believes that in this century “it is not just the knowledge you acquire that counts as much as the skill of learning new concepts and skills of life and success that you acquire along the way.”  Therefore he insists on including programs in schools where children are encouraged to actively take part in planning, organizing, and executing events or ideas, with adequate independence.


Saija Sudarsan

Director, Vikaasa School

Director, Vikaasa Public School

Director, Vikaasa World School

Director, Vikaasa Progressive School

Qualification: B.Sc.(Physics)., M.C.A

Was working in the software field as an independent consultant in USA.

Upon her decision to return to India with the family in early 2000s, she joined her husband initially to help in the administration of the school. She soon developed a passion for primary education and now successfully juggles the dual role of an administrator and leader for the primary school.

She is a tireless worker and believes that whatever one does, it is worth giving one’s best efforts.