Student Evaluation System

“Everybody is a genius. But you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree – it will live its whole life believing it is stupid” – Albert Einstein


Psychological development is not uniform across individuals. It occurs at different rates in different persons.
Any attempt to fast track this development leads to an early burn out in child hood and individual may be rendered incapable during his / her later years.
Vikaasa Public School follow the system of ‘continuous’ and multi-mode evaluation.
The system adopts an ‘Objective’ and ‘Foolproof’ methodology to provide a realistic assessment of each student
at the various stage of schooling. While the system of continuous evaluation tests the ‘Knowledge’ of a student and ensures his / her constant academic preparedness, the ‘Multi mode evaluation system’ tests the skills and competencies of student and portrays his / her areas of aptitudes, personality strengths and weakness etc.,
Oral and written tests are conducted on completion of every topic / chapter.



  • 4 Assessment Tests within regular school hours during ( July, August, December & February (50 marks each) ).
  •  I Semester & II Semester Exams (100 Marks Each).


  • On obtaining a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in each subject at the end of the year as per weightage  given  below.
Assessment Tests 40%
Semester Exams 60%