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VIKAASA as it is called today was started on September 3, 1969 at the initiative of MR. & MRS.  M B S HENRY and was called PNEU school [since it was then affiliated to the Parents National Educational Union in the UK] with the object of providing suitable facilities for the education of Madura Coats employees’ children.

It was headed by Miss.Francis Good All and was then  housed in Pasumalai, in an extension of the then Madura Mills Managing Director’s bungalow.

The first batch of 15 ICSE students (standard X) sat for the public examination in 1977 and all of them secured  First Class and the first batch of XII standard students passed out in the year 1980-81.

Till 2003 December the school was owned and managed by Madura Coats Limited and on 3rd January 2004 the school changed hands to the present Management Team. Admission to the school was opened to the public from the academic year 2004-05. The promoters took over the management of Vikaasa School in 2004, with  a strength of 192 children. Due to the diligence, hard work and the vision of this team, the school now has a strength of over 2400 children in four campuses across the temple city of Madurai , a truly remarkable 12 fold increase achieved in 16 years!

In 2009, due to the ever-increasing demand for the school, the promoters decided to start a branch called the Vikaasa Public School, in KK Nagar. This school reached its maximum capacity of 550 students in its 2nd year of operation.

It now has a strength of over 900 students from Pre kindergarten to class 5.

The name ‘VIKAASA’ in Sanskrit  means blooming and our motto is “we build the promise of the future”.

Vision - Mission

Our Vision is to be the premier provider of quality education in this region globally relevant education and to prepare students for tomorrow’s world sans boundaries while rooted in Indian Ethos.

Our mission is to develop creative thinking in children and to instill a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. We believe that education goes beyond excellence in academic studies and place great importance on sport, activities, art, music, community service and leaderships in order to prepare them to be multi talented citizens of future India.

The aim of Vikaasa is to provide quality education in a happy, caring and safe environment. While academic achievements are high, we are equally concerned that each child is given the opportunity to discover and develop other talents, be they sporting, artistic, music or personal. Vikaasa has developed a happy, friendly and positive community committed to high standards and achievement in education and child care. We focus on providing a holistic development of children and additionally to teach them independence, leadership and to take responsibility.