Vikaasa School, Madurai entered the 50th year of its academic life of quality and excellence in 2019. Jubilees are occasions celebrated to recall the marvelous ways in which the school has fulfilled its mission in imparting education to help the young generation successfully align its intellectual, physical, moral, emotional and aesthetic personalities with numerous demands and challenges of the present.
The school has been a trendsetter amongst the fraternity with the able guidance of the Management. We at Vikaasa feel confident in contributing towards chiseling characters and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. We envision our students to be true ambassadors of this institution, equipped with skills to become success icons in the global arena. We look forward to the unceasing support of our parents all through our accomplishments.

We would like to recall the great contributions of a number of stalwarts, in the past and the present, who, with their untiring effort and infallible diligence had made this institution what it is today. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who have been part of Vikaasa’s Success Story